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FIFA 18 has the Ultimate Team mode, which users must embody the role of a coach and assemble teams, hiring players from around the world. Aside from the stars of the world's top shelf, it's also possible to save on the choices and still have a powerful team.

Among attackers, defenders, fieldmates and goalkeepers, the options are vast, and can result in very interesting castings. There are hybrid options between leagues, nationalities and more. Check out the list of ten good and cheap players to hire in the Ultimate Team of FIFA 18 WITH free coins to be offered by Free fifa 18 coins to get Cristiano Ronaldo to your Team.

Fifa 18: list brings 10 good and cheap players to hire in the Ultimate Team (Photo: Reproduction / Murilo Molina)

Carlos Tévez

The Argentine has tickets for several European teams, such as Manchester United, Manchester City and Juventus. Currently in Boca, Tévez has impressive attributes in Ultimate Team mode, and is a very cheap option for hybrid or league-based teams.


Goalkeeper of the Saint-Étienne, France, Ruffier is the highlight of the local league position, and the league's most highly rated in Fifa 17. Despite the beautiful numbers, the card does not cost much and is a great boost for teams needing of a solid archer.


Taken as one of the biggest promises of Italian football in recent years, Giovinco went through a bad phase and reergue in American football, being one of the highlights of the league currently. In Fifa 17, the striker is the best player in MLS and fits very well in offensive formations.


The Argentine defender has been proving his quality every season and leads the defense of Valencia in the game. Although Garay is in a hot league and has very high defensive attributes, Garay plays well in Ultimate Team mode, and is a sure bet to strengthen his behind.


Nicknamed the fans of "Messi Japanese", the midfielder returned to Borussia Dortmund after a cleared run by Manchester United. Specialist in dribbling and agility moves, Kagawa can be the brain of a team, both playing in the middle and the wings.


Far from being famous, the striker of Benfica slowly dug his place in European football and today is a key part of the Portuguese team. Exímio finisher and owner of good handling, the Brazilian costs little and can help his team a lot.


Despite his reputation as slow and ungainly, the German defender is an idol in London, and does not look ugly in Fifa. With a score of 88 defense points, Mertesacker compensates for lack of mobility with a lot of technique and physical strength, and is still cheap in the FUT .

Arda Turan

The Turkey midfielder excelled in football thanks to his great ability with the ball and insinuating dribbles. Now in Barcelona, ​​Turan got an even better card, which costs very little compared to those of his teammates.

Rui Patrício

Goalkeeper of Sporting and the Portuguese national team, Patricio has idol status in his country, and a letter filled with high numbers in Fifa 17. Being in a league of lesser expression, the archer costs a lot less than he should, and is a good alternative to the goal.


Bayer Leverkusen defensive pillar, the Turk is tall, strong, fast and technical. Even with so many qualities from Astuce fifa 18, Toprak can still be found at fairly affordable prices in the gaming market.

Enjoy the game and Have a Good FIFA season
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